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yuri of the week

What if birds could actually speak English and we were speaking bird the whole time. Like really how weird would that be?

"…that the geese are back? God I hate them so fucking much."

Apr 19,2014
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A twig picked up after a coastal gale in Clovelly, North Devon, home to a lichen colony.

Painting in progress in watercolour.

(by Judith)

Apr 19,2014
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All aboard the Superdong

Apr 19,2014
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I’m gonna start putting signatures on all of my posts, deviantart style, and I’d suggest you do the same if you don’t wanna look like a total n00b


The only way to live… is the way of the ninja. xD


Apr 19,2014
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when I was in high school my AP english teacher told us we weren’t allowed to eat in class so I took that as a personal challenge to see what the most ridiculous thing I could eat in class without getting caught was so I started bringing soup to class and as soon as I’d crack the lid of my thermos the tiniest bit this football player that sat like 3 rows in front of me would going “I SMELL MEAT SOMEONE HAS SOUP” and no one ever believed him

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Nothing on TV: static + test pattern.

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